Patrician Hall Concerts: Bob Warren & Joy Mackenzie

We kick of the Patrician Hall Concert Series on Leap Day – Saturday, February 29, at 7:00pm, welcoming Bob Warren and Joy Mackenzie for a concert 7:00pm Saturday, February 29, at Patrician Hall, 12 South Park Street, Cambridge, NY. Tickets are $13 to $15. Tickets available here.
“The voices are heavenly, the blend out of this world, and the understated but well-played stringed instruments are just enough, and not a note too many, as it should be.”
-David Malachowski. Times Union
Bob Warren and Joy Mackenzie share a love for singing. Bob is from the mountains of New York; Joy, from the mountains of Northern California. The strength of their musical partnership rises from the diversity of their individual experience, and grows in the union of their voices.
Bob’s music reflects a poetic artistry that is both articulate and evocative. With his roots in the folk troubadour tradition, Bob’s writing is surprisingly diverse. From musicals to rock and everything in between, Bob’s music shares his humor, wit, and heart.
Music is a way of life for Joy MacKenzie. She sings whenever anyone will let her. A mountain girl from a small town, she keeps it real and believes that music is close to the heart of what makes us human.
More information about the duo at, and about the concert series at or (518)764-5045.

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