American Women in Song: Peggy Lynn in Concert at the Patrician Hall Folk Series

Peggy Lynn, Adirondack singer, songwriter, and educator, performs a new program, “American Women in Song,” 7:00pm Friday, April 17, at the Patrician Hall Folk Series, 12 South Park Street, Cambridge, NY. Tickets are $13-$15. Advance tickets available via the “Buy Tickets” buttons on this page, by calling (518)764-5045, or at the door.

Peggy brings an infectious enthusiasm to all her endeavors. With a sultry, yet powerful alto voice, Peggy gives a clear message of the passion underlying her songs. While her style and range give meaning and emotion to all her work, her most powerful message is for the contributions and burdens of women.

More information about Pencil Brook Productions’ folk series can be found at, on Facebook, or by calling (518)764-5045.

Peggy ranges from folksy to blues with equal ease, alone or harmonizing with others. Believing there needs to be a female role added to the record of Adirondack history, She co-authored “Breaking Trail: Remarkable Women in the Adirondacks” with Sandra Weber. Peggy celebrates, through song and story, the comical, amazing and poignant experiences of Adirondack women as the unsung heroes. Peggy’s most recent solo recording is an anthology of her ballads of North Country women titled Adirondack Woman. To inform her understanding of women’s issues and historical context, Peggy returned to college and received a BS in Women’s Studies and a Master’s degree in American and Women’s History.
Photo by Mary Hogan.

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